Workout Tips

Workout Tips for Super Busy Moms That Actually Work

e4657yrfyfgchfjrA super busy mom’s schedule can be overwhelming and that why many moms are struggling with weight. The truth is that with the stress that comes with the busy schedule combined with the extra weight, can lead to various health risks. Going to the gym may not be an option, but such a mom can actually get quality workouts at home. Here is a quick coverage of the various workout tips for a busy mom that will work out multiple body parts and give amazing results.

1. Exercise with your kids

eh46rgde3Playing and exercising with your kids can be an effective workout. It is also a great way to enjoy the fun time with your family. Go outside with your kids and run, ride bikes and walk in the park. Exercising with your family also enable you to socialize with your children thereby strengthening the parent-child bond. Join your children on the slide, or set off for biking and watch yourself lose that extra weight and also create lasting memories for your kids.

2. Eat healthy diet as a family

Eating a well-balanced diet is another big challenge for a busy mom. Hold yourself accountable for what you eat. Avoid eating whatever that will inconvenient your personal objective of losing those extra pounds. Experts recommend that you cook what you want to take and avoid eating what your kids want to eat. In addition to ensuring that you take the right diet, you are also introducing your kids to the right diets.

3. Do at-home workouts

There are quite a number of easy at-home exercise routines that you can do. Examples of resistance exercise that actually work with practically now equipment and require little space include:

  • Squats: They are best in strengthening the quadriceps and glutes muscles. If done properly, squats will alleviate pressure from the knees by strengthening the muscles around the knees without creating an impact on the joint.
  • Push-ups: This is a multi-purpose exercise that strengthens chest, arms, abs, back and glutes.
  • Tricep dips: this exercise focuses on triceps. This exercise engages the core and affects the lower body parts with simple variations.

erfbh5eryfxgth54These three exercises are easy and simple to do. You can do them in 30-45 minute routine, but the benefits to the body are many without even going to a gym. Lastly, like everything else, you need also to set goals. Once you meet your goals, reward yourself. It is the perfect way to get motivated.