Water is a very important component of our diets and bodies, regardless of whether you are a child, adult or elderly. In this regard, the quantity of water in our bodies affect all body functioning. There are several signs that will suggest that you need to drink more water. When these signs manifest, it means that your body is not functioning optimally because it lacks this essential element. To avoid such cases, it is recommended to drink more water most of the time.

The best way to know when you need to drink more water is to understand your own body. This will make it easier for you to identify signs showing when your body needs more water. Any time you notice these signs, it is probably time to go for extra glasses of water.

Signs suggesting that you need to drink more water


rhrgyr65i768One of the major functions of water is to enhance body metabolism. It is the water that enhances all chemical reactions taking place in the body. This is similar to a car: it runs efficiently if there is adequate oil and gas, and vice versa. The next time you feel constipated, know that it is a sign suggesting that you drink more water to facilitate metabolism.


Everybody knows that drinks, especially water, are what quenches thirst. Feeling thirsty usually, means that there is inadequate water in the body. Thus it is a sign suggesting that you have to drink more water so as to hydrate the body.

Color of your urine

bh65ythf6tdr64Even though there is a wide variance between the colors of people’s urine, some colors are a sign that you are dehydrated and therefore need to drink more water. People who are well hydrated usually have light yellow or clear urine. But if your urine is red, cloudy, bright yellow or bright orange, lack of adequate water in the body may be one of the causes, among other causes such as urinary tract infections, kidney or liver failure.

The amount of urine you produce may also be a sign of the hydration level. If you produce very little amount of urine or nothing at all, it may be a sign suggesting that it is time to drink more water.

Other dehydration signs that suggest you need more water include exhaustion, headache, hunger, brain fog, confusion and bad breath.